EasyEyes for Online Testing

Welcome! The open-source EasyEyes web app is meant to help anyone test vision online. EasyEyes measures screen size, and, with consent, uses the webcam of the participant's computer to track the participant's head and gaze positions. EasyEyes also enables use of any smartphone to emulate a wireless keypad, to allow testing at long viewing distances. We are using it with PsychoPy. You are welcome to use it with any online testing software.

If you use it, please cite us.

Jiang, P., Burchell, A., Pelli, D. G. (2021). EasyEyes aids online testing by emulating a wireless keyboard and tracking viewing distance. The 43rd European Conference on Visual Perception, online. August 22-27, 2021. Perception.


The EasyEyes Team

Denis Pelli
Professor of Psychology & Neural Science, New York University
denis.pelli AT nyu DOT edu

Peiling Jiang
Research Assistant, New York University
goodjpl AT nyu DOT edu

Augustin Burchell
Research Assistant, New York University
augustin DOT burchell AT gmail DOT com